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If you’re thinking about giving online dating a go, a little good advice can be helpful along the way.


Just like for ordinary dating, honesty is everything. The pictures you post should show what you really look like, and what you tell other people about yourself should be true. The idea of making ourselves look a little better – in words and pictures – can be tempting, but remember, sooner or later we have to show our real selves, selves that in all honesty are not always quite as fabulous as we wish we were.



Tell a lot about yourself – but not everything.
To make it easier to find someone to date (and to make it easier for your admirers to find you), our advice is to post a detailed description of yourself on The more interesting details you reveal about yourself, the better your chances that you and the people who contact you will be compatible.
But remember not to reveal your address or phone number until you are sure you trust the person you are talking to 100 percent.


Post a lot of pictures.
They say beauty comes from the inside, and handsome is as handsome does, and we are sure that’s true. But still, you shouldn’t underestimate appearance as one of the reasons you fall for someone. The pictures you post on your page will have a huge impact on the success of your Firstdate adventure. That said, we have to emphasize that you don’t have to be a supermodel to find someone to love – the opposite is more likely, in fact!


sidesprang members

It’s a good idea to post a lot of pictures of yourself in different situations. What you want is to show who you are as honestly as possible. Having only pictures of yourself when you are looking really good and dressed to the nines is not always the best way to present yourself.

By all means, post pictures that show your best side – but maybe add a few that show you from less flattering angles, too. After all, you know sooner or later you’ll be sitting there on the couch with your honey, dressed in indescribably comfy clothes and with your hand shoved into a bag of crisps – and that can also be a picture worth sharing.