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As soon as you become our member, you can search and view the profiles of ladies and use the free services. Each user has the right to use free TRIAL mode online and quickly start to look for their destiny on the site. We advise you to pay special attention to ladies’ profiles, which will help you to make choice. If you would like to get full access to the site, you can buy credits on the purchase page immediately. Credits are the key to your success. For the continuity of our services we reserve the right to remind you of the small number of credits on your account.

1) Correspondence Online
This service is aimed at helping our customers to effectively develop friendship and close relationships. Mailing gives you a great chance to make pen friends, among which you may find your beloved person. Besides romantic love letters is a great way to express your thoughts and feelings and find out a lot about a soul of a person you are corresponding with. You can send and receive mails from ladies quickly and efficiently. Do not wait! Try to write a letter to a lady you fancy!


2) Live chat and video chat
Our chat is multifunctional and is available in two modes, such as Live Chat and CAM Video. Live chat as an instant messaging service is created in order to enable you to have close and immediate contacts with your favorite ladies. You can use it to express your feelings in text and emoticons.
CAM Video mode can be used when you and your lady want to see each other. Our chat room is an ideal place of communication on our site. Attention! When you use the Video Chat you and your lady are at 100% tete-a-tete . It means that your conversation is private and you are talking to only each other while you are using this service. Do you want to try it now with a lady you like? Start video chat or read how the Video Chat functions or how the Live Chat functions.



Your area is full of fun and flirty people looking to date, chat and enjoy each other’s company. Our job is to make sure you get in touch with singles you find attractive and interesting, chat nicely, and fix a date easily if there’s some chemistry between the two of you. Browse profiles, view photos, read personal info, text, and go on wonderful dates in real life.



3) Presentation video
It is impossible to understand whether you like a person only looking at pictures. It is really important to see person in motion, grasping her body language, gestures, facial expressions, hearing her voice. That is why we decided to take ladies’ videos to give you the chance of making the right choice. If you are interested to know your lady better, watch her videos. Very often, the lady can open some secrets of her soul on the video. Besides this is a chance to see the real life of hers and learn more about her way of life. Try to watch a video of your favorite ladies now or read how to watch videos.


4) Gifts and Flowers
Sometimes words cannot express what gifts and attention can. A gift can sometimes be not only a pleasant surprise but also it may be the key to your meaningful relationship. Nothing is more valuable than a moment when the eyes of your beloved person are shining with sparks of happiness thanks to the attention you give her with your gift. Do it often and your actions will speak of your feelings. You can buy gifts and flowers for your ladies. If you know that her birthday is approaching, do not forget to congratulate her. Use our gift service to send a gift or flowers .